Team Tyler

10/10/20 Update from TLT:
  • The Team Tyler store is now closed! You all did such an incredible job raising money for Friends Helping Friends and showing your support for Tyler! This store raised $2,412 that will go straight to the hands of cancer patients and families in Morris County, Kansas. Thank you for spreading goodness in our community!
  • All outstanding orders from this store will be fulfilled by 10/16/2020.
9/14/20 Update from TLT:
  • Orders though 8/18/20 have been printed and shipped and/or delivered!
  • All orders placed 8/19/20 - 9/7/20 are printing the week of 9/14/20 and will be shipped and/or delivered by 9/18/20. Thank you so much for all of your orders!
  • This Team Tyler store will close on 10/1/2020. Get your orders in before that date!
8/8/20 Update from Tyler's Mom, Debbie Lyons-Blythe:
TEAM TYLER UPDATE: so many wonderful friends and family have been asking about Tyler and how he is doing, we figured you needed an update! Since being diagnosed with Large B Cell Lymphoma probably caused by his immune suppression meds, Tyler has been taking chemo every 3 weeks. He is now halfway done!
The chemo side effects are pretty rotten and for a week or so after chemo he is pretty wiped out and works to mitigate side effects. He has lost his hair and his eyebrows are thinning, but he looks good bald, so there is that! He usually has about 10-14 days that he feels fairly good with each cycle, so he does some work on the ranch and we are glad to have the extra help!
Thanks again and again for your prayers and support for our family and Tyler. We feel God with us throughout this journey. ❤️🙏🏻
To show your support to Tyler, we're selling shirts and koozies. $10 from each shirt sale, and $4 from each koozie sale will go to a local charity, Friends Helping Friends. This charity exists to give financial help to anyone in the area dealing with cancer! Check them out and help us boost their reach by buying a Team Tyler shirt or koozie! 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. This is a rolling store and we plan to print in large batches. If you are local to Council Grove, KS please choose "local delivery" at checkout.

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